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Over the last 30 years our founder has developed many mutually beneficial relationships

with business of all sizes in various industries.

Our passion is all  about helping our clients  achieve the outcomes they are looking for.


We're dedicated to giving you the very best value, with a focus on

Dependability, Customer Service and Uniqueness.

With this in mind we have chosen our

Patrners,Products and Services very carefully to complement each other.



We have a dedicated division, for “Small Business Solutions”  which is designed to help

the smaller guys who do not have the large resouces that large corporates have.

Our consultants,  work on a retainer basis, to assist in a sales or a procurement role,

 leveraging off long term relationships on your behalf  ensuring the best value








Our “Small Business Solutions” division is designed to help the smaller guys who

do not have the resources of large corporates,whilst ensuring they get

the best value to achieve the necessary results.



Providing the SMME market their own part-time procurement consultant.


Bitdefender Box:

Advanced Cyber Security Protection for SMME’s and remote workers.


Scotty Businessline:

SAVE up to 50%, replace traditional cell phone allowances. 


Website Review Report:

Optimised Websites are crucial now that Customers are shifting to an

Online post Covid-World






 Do you occasionally need the skills of IT procurement consultant but  cannot justify a full time hire?

Procure-IT-All focuses on providing the SMME market their own part-time consultant.

This gives smaller companies the advantage not only of the experience, knowledge

and expertise of our consultants, but also allows them to leverage

off existing long-term relationships with various suppliers and vendors.


Our consultants will assist with the following:

          Identify the best solution for your needs

          With a focus on value:  negotiate quality, reliability, technical support,

speed of delivery and availability.

       Ensure that vendors and suppliers comply with the terms and conditions.

    Meet with vendors / visit suppliers to examine and learn about

products, services and prices (CPD)

     Approve, Select Vendor and arrange authorization of Purchase

         Arrange Purchase Order, Invoice and payment

         Arrange timeous delivery to client








Bitdefender Box


An innovative security hub for all connected Small Office and Homes.

It protects all internet-connected devices in your digital life,

Bitdefender BOX  Protects you where ever you are:

The office - Your home - Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

   Even while  you travelling around the world. 

 100% compatible with your home Wi-Fi network and lets you control all your devices from a single mobile app.

A Complete, multi-layered cybersecurity that protects all your IOT Devices



Device Management with

Brute Force Protection: prevent hackers from taking control over your devices.

Bitdefender Safepay:    Protected, sealed environment designed to keep any online transactions private and secure  

Secure VPN

Vulnerability Assessment - Anomaly Detection

Advanced Parental Control - Exploit Protection

Safe Browsing & Local Device Protection



Website Performance & Competitor Benchmark


Optimised Websites are crucial for businesses success operating

in a more digital focused world


How does your website performance compare to your top 3 competitors?


Businesses and Customers are rapidly shifting to an Online Covid-World

Business Models are Customers Behaviours are changing reflecting the digital world

Customers are changing in the way they research, evaluate, make decisions,

buy products and services or receive support


The report includes a comprehensive list of prioritised website improvement recommendations

and comparative competitor insights for these categories


Differentiate and future proof your business now


Good websites make it easier for prospects to find your business and evaluate or

procure your products and services

Creating better visitor experiences are crucial to compete in the digital online world

Your website must be trustworthy, relevant and offer a great user experience


Get your 25-page Website Review Report for only R 2 999.00 excl VAT!












Scotty Businessline

Scotty lines are ideal for a corporate, replace traditional cellphone allowances or call claim sheets,

a real cost saving of over 50% is easily possible. 

This is because you will save in three areas:

 VAT (if you are VAT registered), 

employee fringe benefit tax,

lower call rates. 

In addition your company gets a complete record of all business calls made through Scotty,

 employees get  personal privacy because they no longer  use their personal cellphone numbers for business calls

(and can automatically switch off their Scotty service after hours).



Why E-Learning 



Due to Covid 19 a lot of companies are switching from on-site to Web-based training.

On-site training is quickly becoming obsolete in the modern world.


What is the difference between e-learning and online learning?

E-learning refers to online interaction between student and facilitator.

Basically, the training is via an online medium such as Skype, Zoom Teams etc.

E-learning can be used in a classroom or an online setting.


The Types of eLearning

Synchronous E-learning: Real-time with a set time (Internet/Web sessions)

Asynchronous E-learning: Self-paced learning, with pause-and-resume kind of learning.

Interactions between facilitator and students are also conducted online methods like

chat, e-mail, or other web-based communication.


e-Learning is web-based and can be taken at anytime from an internet-connected device




Human Factor Training

3 ABDI Formations

Human Factor applies the science of the body and mind in order to understand capabilities,

limitations and issues that could affect how people do their jobs.


Skills such as social, personal skills, communication and decision-making ability

which complement technical skills and can be used to reduce the likelihood of errors.  


Our global partner 3ABDI Formations,

has over 20 years global, civil and military aeronautical experience.

By using the (FORDECC)method, which is based on techniques used “in flight”

to respond to unforeseen and dangerous situations.            

Have adapted the method for other industries where human error

has the potential for devastating consequences. 







Smarta Choice Parenting 


Developed by Dr Ken Resnick (PhD), an Educational Psychologist with more than 30 years’ experience.


Smarta Choice Parenting is arguably the only evidence-based parenting program

that deals effectively with all childhood development, academic and behavioural problems.

This totally unique parenting program delivers immediate results

and has been used by hundreds of people since 2005


Click here to sign up for our FREE Parenting Power Hour™









Organic Fresh®


The ‘new normal’ way of living requires the everyday use of sanitisers.

Sanitisers that are harsh on your skin, your health and the environment.


Organic Fresh® offers a proudly South African sanitiser solution.  It’s organic, alcohol- free, and

completely natural.  Naturally formulated from 100% botanical sourced substances,

Organic Fresh® is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

It’s non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.


How Does It Work?

Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser acts through a process of cell wall intrusion,

complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning.

Through these mechanisms, Organic Fresh® effectively and efficiently suppresses various pathogenic

cellular organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds, and non- cellular organisms

such as viruses on all surface areas.


But Does It Actually Work Against Covid-19?

Any virus needs a host to be able to grow and replicate itself. This host is normally another cellular organism

like a plant,  animal, human cell or bacterial cell, which contains an RNA or DNA configuration.

The virus needs to attach itself to this host organism in order to be able to replicate.


The flavonoids contained in Organic Fresh® actively destroy parts of the attachment mechanism

or critical components of the protein layer around the virus, causing it to NOT be able to attach

and replicate adequately – leading to the demise of the virus.

The virus is destroyed because its life support systems are destroyed by Organic Fresh®


Are There Added Health Benefits?

Yes.  The positive effects of flavonoids on the different aspects of human health

have been extensively researched over an exceptionally long period.

This means that, even if there is no direct risk of infection,

the product still has distinct hygiene benefits for the individual when inhaling it.


This is directly due to the strong beneficial impact of the active flavonoids in the product

on the strengthening and improving of the health of the human cells that they interact with.

It has extensively researched sanitary, environmentally friendly and food safe benefits,

and is manufactured through CERES certified organic compliant processes.


There are No harmful side effects,

No dangers through inhalation,

and No flammable danger either.


Make the choice to be kinder to You, your skin, your animals and the environment,

with Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser.


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